Pastor Charlie Dates at MLK50 Conference

Early April of 2018, Together Chicago’s own Pastor Charlie Dates, Ph.D. spoke at The Martin Luther King Jr. 50 Anniversary Conference in Memphis, TN. In The Most Segregated Hour in America, Dates challenges all evangelicals to be moved by the climate of racial inequality and overcome divisions to pursue MLK’s vision of racial harmony.

Christians have an obligation to call out wickedness where it exists, to challenge systems of injustice where they reign and to love mercy and justice on a corporate societal level…

Pastor Charlie Dates, Ph.d.

Senior Pastor, Progressive Baptist Church

Bryan Stevenson at Fortune CEO Initiative 2018

With leadership comes responsibility. Stevenson presents a heartfelt challenge to turn the narrative of racial indifference and create a more just world – from a preeminent champion of the poor, marginalized, and discluded.

I believe the opposite of poverty is justice and when we do justice, we deconstruct the conditions that give rise to poverty. I believe that our stewardship, our leadership, our citizenship, and our meaning cannot be reflected just in how we treat the powerful and the privileged. We’re going to be judged by how we treat the poor, the excluded and neglected…

Bryan Stevenson

Law professor, Anti-death-penalty Advocate and Executive Director, Equal Justice Initiative