Fostering seasonal rhythms of united prayer and collective action among churches and faith-based organizations.

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Prayer & Action

The trajectory of the Bible and its message of shalom points us to peace, well-being, and completeness—all of which are traits illuminated by Jesus Christ throughout the gospel.

While prayer is essential, we recognize our need to go beyond and to “wear our prayers” through God-inspired action. As a prayer movement, we want to celebrate those who are working towards shalom in our communities.

While we continue to pray, we provide opportunities to roll up our sleeves and collaboratively work towards shalom in Chicagoland. We believe that in order to bring holistic change, we must be both “on our knees” in prayer and “on our feet” in action.

Chicagoland United in Prayer was formed in 2017 as a collaboration of many praying networks, including Pray Chicago which began in 2014. This collective effort champions seasonal rhythms of prayer and action throughout the year.

Seasonal Rhythms

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Churches Involved

United Prayer Gatherings

Years of Seasonal Rhythms

"God is using Together Chicago and Chicagoland United in Prayer to unite an otherwise divided city and overcome Race, Gender, Class, and Neighborhood. My prayer is that relationships formed become transformative by the love we develop for each other—'Oh, how they loved one another'!"

– Felecia Thompson

Our Team

Dr. John Fuder

Director of Faith-Community Mobilization

Dr. John Fuder is the Founder and Director of Heart for the City. Doc Fuder’s passion to teach and train others to engage the city comes from his many years of experience in ministry in California and training students in Urban Studies at Moody Theological Seminary.  Now Doc Fuder is equipping the broader body of Christ to engage more deeply in contextualizing the Gospel in their local communities.

Doc started the Pray Chicago movement in 2014 which has grown into Chicagoland United in Prayer. He holds a B.R.E. from Prairie Bible College, an M.A. in Religion from Pepperdine University and a Ph.D. from Biola University.

He and his wife, Nellie, have three children and a granddaughter and live on Chicago’s north side.

Nate Tubbs

Assistant Director of Faith-Community Mobilization

Nate Tubbs is a communications professional, organizer, and entrepreneur with a passion for his neighborhood and partnership in the city of Chicago. He has worked in the non-profit sector for many years in design, marketing, consulting, and community organizing.

Since 2014, Nate has worked alongside Dr. John Fuder and the leadership of both Pray Chicago and Chicagoland United in Prayer to administrate a growing coalition of individuals and churches working to develop habits of united prayer and collective action in Chicago.

You will find Nate at west side community meetings, his local school council, his block’s community garden, or playing with his kids. Nate and his wife, Jamie, and their three children live on Chicago’s west side.


Be a part of this collective effort to mobilize united prayer and local action

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