Building Blocks of Peace is a 3-month training course (Mar, Apr, May) + 3-month mobilization effort (Jun, Jul, Aug) that helps individuals connect with others in their community to get organized, become more equipped, and deploy local faith-rooted mobilization in places of need. This annual series continued on Saturday as people from across the city of Chicago and suburbs gathered on the South side in the South Shore community for a morning of teaching, sharing, conversations, and connection.

Pastor Steve Pettis and Christ Bible Church generously hosted the training. Participants represented over 45 churches and 20 police districts. Many police districts have what is called a “Faith-based Subcommittee”, a monthly meeting of community stakeholders whose faith motivates them to collaborate for peace and wellness in the area. Many of those faith-based leaders and faith-based liaison or CAPS officers joined the training as well, so that we can all go deeper in relationship and collaboration. Geographic breakout sessions allowed participants to connect with others in their communities, as well as learn from local practitioners about how they can put faith into practical action. Topical breakouts over lunched provided a time for deeper discussion on topics such as Heal the Land, Love Listens, Hands Across Chicago planning, Seeking Justice in the Community, and “How to” Organizing Toolbox.

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