Westhaven Park Community Action Teams worked together with community stakeholders to host a fun family-oriented event for the Westhaven Park community—a silent party where participants listen to music and dance together.

Community Partners Who Planned And Executed This Event:

  • Westhaven Park Community Action Teams (CAT)
  • Together Chicago
  • Near West Side Community Development Corporation
  • Westhaven Park Apartments Management Team
  • Office of the Ombudsman – Crystal Palmer
  • Ingram Security and Detective Services, LLC
  • Silent Chicago LLC
  • CPD District 12 Suder Montessori Elementary School – Principal Bada
  • Major Adams Community Center
  • Soul City Church
  • Dillon Kane Group – Admin Team

Community Partners Who Joined This Event:

  • Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr.’s Office
  • Brinshore Development LLC and the Michaels Organization
  • Tutoring Chicago
  • Dr. Tonya Roberson
  • State Attorney’s Office – Pauline Dengler
  • Near West Little League
  • One On One Chicago
  • Brown Elementary School – Principal Lyons
  • Hope Learning Academy – Assistant Principal Tye