On the last Sunday of January 2022, our Faith-Community Mobilization efforts united leaders from across Chicagoland in the annual Chicagoland United in Prayer event. While our intentions were to return to a large in-person prayer gathering, we made the decision to pivot back to virtual again this year. Pastors and leaders from 7 locations guided us in prayer through 7 theme: Unity, Youth, Hope, Racial Healing, The City, The Nations, The Church. Dozens of people hosted ‘Prayer Huddles’ with their family, small group, or church where they gathered to watch and pray together.


Special thanks to Roy Patterson and Dr. John Fuder who hosted the event, the leadership and tech team at New Life Covenant Southeast who hosted our ‘studio’, and the dozens of people helped to make this unique prayer event possible. Here are some ‘behind the scenes’ photos from the event: